1. 00 Time
    Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko.

  2. Música para el fin de los cantos
    Iury Lech

  3. Baku: 1922
    Mecánica Popular

  4. Upadesa

  5. ¿Qué sucede con el tiempo?
    Mecánica Popular

  6. Sage and Seer
    Sage and Seer

  7. And The Waters Opened

  8. Kënnlisch

  9. Action
    Bazali Bam

  10. Percussions de Barcelona
    Xavier Joaquín

  11. Gong Gongs
    Santi Arisa, Xavier Joaquin et al.

  12. Interpreta obras de Xenakis, Taïra y Lewin-Richter
    Xavier Joaquin

  13. Música Electroacústica
    Andrés Lewin-Richter

  14. Anna Ricci Interpreta obras de Andrés Lewin-Richter
    Anna Ricci

  15. S/T (Luglio 1978)
    Albergo Interalattico Spaziale

  16. Underdogs Blues Band
    The Underdogs

  17. Wasting Our Time
    The Underdogs (Pig, Mann & Edwards)

  18. Farmyard

  19. Back To Fronting

  20. Aphorisms Insane
    Cultural Noise

  21. Hölderlins Traum

    The Underground

  23. Triste y Solo
    Mi Generación

  24. Hang Glider
    Ambar Connection

  25. África Roja

  26. Diane Denoir
    Diane Denoir

  27. Golden Lights

  28. Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom
    Anthony Moore

  29. Secrets Of The Blue Bag
    Anthony Moore

  30. Splendid Isolation
    Alice Island Band

  31. Delired Cameleon Family
    Delired Cameleon Family

  32. The Voice Of Silence
    Peter Michael Hamel

  33. Clearlight Symphony

  34. Edge Of Time
    Norma Winstone

  35. Bloody Rockers
    Joachim Kühn & Rolf Kühn

  36. Chariot Rising
    Dantalian's Chariot

  37. White Room With Disintegrating Walls

  38. Aaron Lightman
    Aaron Lightman

  39. Ortodoxia

  40. Morgue o Berenice

  41. Un gran dia

  42. Chichonera's Cat

  43. Libra
    Philippe Besombes

  44. Third

  45. Piece Of Mind
    Roger Bunn

  46. It's Soft Rock And All Sorts
    Katch 22

  47. Barcelona Breeze
    Lost Men Service

  48. Black Vinyl Shoes

  49. Puzzle
    Mandrake Memorial

  50. Lieder von Vampiren, Nonnen und Toten
    Bernd Witthüser

  51. ...& The Mad Rockers
    The Kühn Brothers

  52. Osmose
    Annexus Quam

  53. Giants
    Blueberry Hill

  54. Sweet Georgia + 2 EP
    Les Primitiv's

  55. Insight Modulation

  56. Ilous & Decuyper
    Ilous & Decuyper

  57. Le Système Crapoutchik
    Le Système Crapoutchik

  58. Flop
    Le Système Crapoutchik

  59. Aussi loin que je me souvienne...
    Le Système Crapoutchik

  60. Bad, Bad World
    The Ravers

  61. Heldon IV

  62. Sonanze
    Roberto Cacciapaglia

  63. Three
    Lard Free

  64. Musikautomatika

  65. Ave Maria / Du Sollst Lieben
    Djong Yun

  66. Vía Láctea
    Vía Láctea

  67. Rendezvous With The Sun
    Howard Wales

  68. Atemnot
    Hardy Kukuk

  69. Lucifer's Dream
    Ralf Nowy

  70. In The Poor Sun
    Zippo Zetterlink

  71. Fotografiert Bunny
    Charles Wilp

  72. Freedom's Lament

  73. Hammond Explosion!
    Jou Cogra

  74. Gli angeli del 2000
    Mario Molino

  75. Sinthetik 1

  76. Voyage cerebral
    Didier Bocquet

  77. Featuring Ingo Werner
    Baba Yaga

  78. Collage
    Baba Yaga

  79. Le temps des moissons
    Ariel Kalma

  80. Einsjäger und Siebenjäger
    Popol Vuh

  81. Coeur de verre
    Popol Vuh

  82. Herz aus Glass
    Popol Vuh

  83. Afire

  84. Psychedelic Dance Party
    The Vampires' Sound Incorporation

  85. The Mike Cotton Sound
    The Mike Cotton Sound

  86. 9.30 Fly
    9.30 Fly

  87. Elektron Kukéso
    Hans Edler

  88. Blat Brut
    Blat Brut

  89. Hits From 3000 Years Ago
    Anthony Meynell & Squire

  90. Get Smart

  91. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

  92. The Singles Album

  93. Season

  94. integrati... disintegrati...
    Franco Leprino

  95. Planet Of Man
    Code III

  96. Analog Archives
    Mark Jenkins

  97. Planes
    Gregor Cürten - Anselm Rogmans

  98. Big Time Operator
    Zoot Money's Big Roll Band

  99. Pythagoron

  100. Galaxy My Dear
    J.B. Banfi

  101. Die Erde und Ich sind Eins
    Florian Fricke

  102. Daurat Oest + 3
    Brenner's Folk

  103. The Spoils Of War
    The Spoils Of War

  104. Reviure

  105. Spiral
    Urban Sax

  106. Fraction sur le temps
    Urban Sax

  107. Urban Sax 2
    Urban Sax

  108. Urban Sax 1
    Urban Sax

  109. Jazz
    Mantequilla y su conjunto

  110. Long Orme
    Long Orme

  111. Drachenlieder
    Flute & Voice

  112. Imaginations Of Life + Hallo Rabbit
    Flute & Voice

  113. Musique Electronique du Cosmos
    Jean-Jacques Perrey

  114. Scruffy Duffy

  115. Reflections On A Life
    Blonde On Blonde

  116. Spacefarm

  117. Crossroads Of Time
    Eyes Of Blue

  118. In Fields Of Ardath
    Eyes Of Blue

  119. The Storm
    The Storm

  120. Samtvogel
    Günther Schickert

  121. Last
    Agitation Free

  122. Siloah

  123. Sukram Gurk

  124. Voyage Aux Fonds de la Mer
    Alain Meunier

  125. Spectral Nether Street

  126. Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley
    Brave New World

  127. Intención

  128. Numbers
    107-34-89 (Nik Pascal Raicevic)

  129. Zero Gravity
    Nik Pascal Raicevic

  130. Beyond The End... Eternity
    Nik Pascal Raicevic

  131. Magnetic Web
    Nik Pascal Raicevic

  132. The Sixth Ear
    Nik Pascal Raicevic

  133. The Beginning Of The End

  134. Sei still, wisse ICH BIN
    Popol Vuh

  135. Die Nacht Der Seele (Tantric Songs)
    Popol Vuh

  136. To The Land Of No Return
    Yan Tregger

  137. Into The Fire
    Wynder K. Frog

  138. Out Of The Frying Pan
    Wynder K. Frog

  139. Sunshine Super Frog
    Wynder K. Frog

  140. Moebius 256 301

  141. Green Ray

  142. Steppin' Out With...
    The Athenians

  143. Nits de Jazz Al Jamboree
    Ricard Roda / Ricard Miralles / Enric Ponsa / Joan Josep Tudurí

  144. The Book Of Am - Part V : Night
    Can Am des Puig

  145. I Want A Boogie

  146. Omnibus

  147. A Symphony Of Amaranths
    Neil Ardley

  148. Music by Xolotl
    Bernard Xolotl

  149. Trip - Flip Out - Meditation

  150. Paradieswärts Düül
    Amon Düül

  151. Engelchen Macht Weiter - Hoppe Hoppe Reiter OST
    Improved Sound Ltd.

  152. Rontheo

  153. Sexedelic

  154. Gam 1976

  155. Sweet Marie 1
    Sweet Marie

  156. Stuck In Paradise
    Sweet Marie

  157. Asfixia al carrer València
    Suck Electrònic Enciclopèdic

  158. Product Of Pisces and Capricorn

  159. I Feel Lonely In My Town
    Fon Klement

  160. Fon Klement
    Fon Klement

  161. Great Wall Of China

  162. ...the magic spell of mother's wrath...

  163. Ramoncito y su salsa

  164. Agilok & Blubbo
    The Inner Space (Can)

  165. Electronic Music To Blow Your Mind By!!!
    The Love Machine

  166. Concerto For Wah Wah
    Century Expanded

  167. Dreaming The Magic Of Your Maya
    Princess Flower And The Moon Rays


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